Hrafnslith are committed to education. We undertake thorough historical research via a dedicated team, enforce authenticity spot checks on our kit and even explain why we can't be 100% accurate.

Looking at history and experimenting helps us find out more about our heritage and sharing that knowledge with the public, and their children, is at the heart of what Hrafnslith do.

Hrafnslith have over a decade of visiting schools for Key Stage 2's 'Invaders' syllabus, Hrafnslith education team never ceases to engage, entertain and impart their wealth of knowledge upon the younger generation.

A typical day will start with a raid on the classroom by our warriors and then an escort into the Great Hall of Learning (school hall/classroom) where our Living History Encampment (LHE) will be set up. We will include several hands on activities and some acting where the children can dress up as characters and touch our weapons & LHE displays under careful supervision. We will cover Weapons, Clothes, both High & Low Classes, Male and Female, Where they Lived, Foods, Religion (Norse, Christian) & Myths, Runes and much more. In the afternoon we have a Sarga (Story) in which the children have acting roles.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if we can help with any questions or you'd like to make a booking.