About Us

The Hrafnslith group was founded in the year MMI and has contained many members. Here are some of the current troop...

Thurstan of Reapole

a.k.a Thurstan the Shoeless. Eldorman of Wessex (silver jarl)

Slave born of Aelfrid and Edith. Freed after defending his master during a Dane raid on Cernmunde. Gained the status “Thane” working for Waltheof, Reeve for the ports of Mealcombe & Portlande. Has his hall in nearby Reaploe. After Waltheof was slain in a skirmish, Thurstan took over the duties as port Reeve, resonsible for the taxes from the merchants & traders. Also responsible for raising the local fyrdsmen & collecting taxes & tythes from the local villages & settlements.

Alric of Weldham

Lives on Portlande. Supplies quarried & worked stone to Winchester and Abbodesbyrig. Son of Hildagurd, a cook at the abbey in Weldham in the old kingdom of the east Saxons and Alfric, a boatman on the river Lea. Has travelled throughout Wessex & to Normandy whilst a journeyman mason. Holds the tally-stick for Portlande & responsible for mustering the fyrd on Portlande.

Hereward Hwicce

Renegade nobleman from the royal Hwiccan linage. Sometimes lives on old family land in Kernow.

Black Stygg

Dane/Norse possibly, found washed up on Chesil beach. Bláskegg (Blackbeard) is a loyal member of Thurstan's hearth troop, does not speak much. Know to many as Black Stygg.


Raised at Thuinum Abbey (Christchurch). Thrown out aged 14 and taught skills at arms by his Uncle, then lived as a lose hearth troop warrior. Now serves Thurstan hearth troop, lives on his own farm near Thuinam.

Rathgar (Clever Spear)

Youngest son of Dunstan, he grew up living in Vinburnan (Wimborne) helping with his fathers farmland where he became fond of chopping trees, hunting boar and tilling the soil. After several harsh harvests Dunstan was unable to support him and sold Rathgar into slavery with the local Thegn. Rathgar continued to work for the Thegn until a Danish Raid sacked Vinburnan and killed the Thegn, now fleeing the invading hordes he has sought refuge in the hides of Reapole.

Halfdan Bjornson

Born in Mercia, was in an unknown war band around the welsh borders. Drifted south as the Danes became troublesome & is now part of Thurstans Hearth troop.

Hugh of Bretane

Son of Hugh D’bretoche a merchant from Bretane (Brittany). Business partner of Thurstan who had to leave Bretane in disgrace. Now lives at Thurstans manor & serves the fyrd.


A Dane, a freed slave who works on Thurstans farm who now serves in the fyrd.


Thegn, has a manor near Poole Wash and oversees portage in and around the wash. Fights with the hearth troop.

Torvic Nine-fingers

A Dane, Ex-mercenary now married to a local Saxon woman. Lives at Horsas Manor and fights with the hearth troop.


Daughter of Olfwyn of north mercia, Family killed by the Danes & now has fled south. Is now betrothed to Elric.


Uncle to Elric, lives at Thuinum


Son of Leothwyn. Lives at Ashburton on the edge of Dartmoor. Fostester on Thurstans western estate. serves in the fyrd.

Wulfstan Fellhand

Son of Ulfdan, Lives by the river Wey north of Melcombe. works as port overseer. Thegn.

Cairlwyn of Ashburton

Betrothed to Leofric

Daowin Fairhead

Son of Jarl Sigurd Dullblade. A treaty hostage from Howden near Jorvic. Lives under royal protection of Wessex & given over to Thurstan to house & educate.